Sterling Integration Solution for Onboarding Trading Partners



About the Client

The customer is a world’s largest technology distributor.

Business need

The customer was experiencing problems in onboarding trading partners and effective tracking of orders. Some of the challenges were:

  • Lengthy onboarding times for trading community partners
  • No specific or unique tracking system for customer orders
  • No support of different protocols
  • Manual processes for a set or group of partners
  • Address complex formats of trading partners
  • No synchronization between internal application interfaces

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ solution comprised the following activities viz,

  • Creation of reusable frameworks and processes to simplify onboarding of trading partners
  • EDI Map Development
  • Setup and Maintenance of Trading Partners
  • Development of components like transaction specific maps
  • Business Process Development
  • Testing & Production Support

Business benefits

  • Considerably shortened timelines for onboarding new customers
  • Reduced cycle time of the entire supply chain process
  • Shortened order fulfillment cycle times
  • Enhanced corporate agility by providing aligned & actionable insights to decision makers
  • Empower business owners to take actions through integrated and powerful end-user applications

Technology stack

  • Environment: IBM B2B Sterling Integrator, IFS Applications
  • Database: Oracle 11g

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