Safety Event Reporting & Management for Hospitals


Safety Event Reporting & Management for Hospitals

About the Client

The Client is a Patient safety and Risk, Clinical Quality and performance solutions leader for hospitals and pharmacies.


The customer envisaged a hospital safety and event management solution with self-reporting, event tracking and workflow management capabilities.

Some of the challenges in developing the solution are:

  • Intuitive, web-based solution for Reporting and Tracking Safety and Quality Incidents
  • Workflow tracking and Accountability
  • Reporting and Analytics, Performance Optimization & Improvement
  • HIPAA and Patient Confidentiality

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs developed a cloud and mobile enabled solution that simplifies the analysis, capturing of patient, staff, and visitor events, near misses and carry out root cause analysis(RCA) so that corrective and preventive actions can be taken.

The salient features of the solution implemented are:

  • Event Reporting and Follow-up generations based on business rules
  • Enable users to report the safety incident as a storyline incorporating anecdotes, medical jargon and acronyms
  • Alert relevant hospital admin staff and stakeholders with mobile push notifications and E-mail regarding medical events
  • Investigate and execute root cause analyses (RCA) using best practices and standardized workflows
  • Mobile, Tablet integration to capture diverse safety events anytime, anywhere
  • Support patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance

Business benefits

Some of the prominent benefits implementing the solution are:

  • Highly efficient data capture for event story boarding
  • Clinical Accuracy via intuitive graphics assisted event entry
  • MIS dashboards and performance metrics across departments and other facilities
  • Seamless data collaboration & sharing across departments
  • Data export capabilities enable customers to also review and manage data outside the system
  • Safety performance comparisons across staff, stores and corporate divisions

Technology stack

  • Java
  • ExtJS 4.2
  • Spring MVC
  • Web services
  • Oracle DB
  • Weblogic
  • Hibernate
  • Junit

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