SaaS based payment solution for universities and higher education institutes



About the Client

The customer is focused on helping college business offices manage operations and provide enhanced service to students such as refunds, payments,electronic billing with and payment plans.

Business need

The customer envisages a robust solution that address the following challenges:

  • Providing Universities with a cost effective online system working across multiple Regional Campuses
  • A reliable and secure solution in terms of down time and data security offering 24 x 7 services
  • Real-time Integration with Payment Gateway & Student systems for information

Solution delivered

  • The ODC started in 2002 with outsourced Product Engineering Services – consisting of reengineering (Development,Testing, Sustenance, Deployment & Support) the product to move it to the SaaS platform in scope
  • ALTEN Calsoft Labs re-engineered the product from Informix 4GL to J2EE based architecture
  • Product Enhancements, Sustenance, Support and Deployment Services since then
  • Key features include:
    • Hosted solution – application and data are centrally deployed
    • Product can co-exist with any of the institution’s application
    • Exchange of data between applications in a secure manner
    • Provision for training database helping end clients get familiar with the application

Business benefits

ADU measures static and differential pressures using 2 pressure sensors and impact pressure using the temperature probe (PT-100). ADU transmits these
air data parameters via two identical ARINC 429 digital lines.

Provision is also made to calculate according to pin-program, correct & incorrect air data. ADU has built-in features for self tests to check the hardware and software integrity.

Architecture of ADU is centered on TMS320F2812 DSP chip, which is interfaced with temperature and pressure sensors. DSP performs complex arithmetic based on pressure readings to calculate various aerodynamic parameters.

  • Precisely accurate

Technology stack

  • Development Environment: Microsoft .NET, SQL Server
  • Java, Swing, EJB, Servlets, AIX, Informix,WebSphere
  • Reports: Reporting Server & Crystal Report
  • Integration: Seamless integration with mainframe, Java Microsoft and open source technologies

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