PrayogTM SBC Designing and Development



Business need

Prayog TM SBC is a development platform based on Intel’s Strong-Arm processor with over 40 applications. This was designed, developed and produced by ALTEN Calsoft Labs team of engineers for specific clients.

Solution delivered

  • Prayog TM SBC has a 133Mhz or 206Mhz ARM processor with 32/64 Mbytes of SDRAM, 8/16Mbyte of Flash, two PCI slots and ports such as 2 USB, 2 SP, 1PP, 2IDE -HDD, 1FDD, IrDA, PCMCIA etc
  • It has interfaces such as AC97, smart card, PWM
  • On this platform ALTEN Calsoft Labs has developed various device drivers for: LCD, IrDA, HDD, micro-windows, smart card, MP3, etc
  • The platform runs on Linux BSD (and WinCE – provided only on demand) with 40+ applications including Image processing, JPEG, MPEG to simple Stepper Motor interfaces

Business benefits

  • Highly flexible
  • Fully customizable

Technology stack

  • Hardware: Intel SA1110 board, PCI, USB, 10/100 LAN, IrDA, Keyboard, Mouse, FDD, HDD, SP and PP interface, micro-windows, smart card, MP3, ORCAD
  • Firmware: Linux & WinCE

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