Plant Floor Information System



About the Client

The client is a leading OEM.

Business need

The client envisaged to have a Plant Floor Information System which is an Ethernet gateway to industrial equipments, which receives different parameters/status of machineries and passes all the information to users over 10/100 Ethernet port.

  • The main board receives machine parameters from various sensor values through ADC and it can process the data through micro-controller. After processing the data, the MCU sends the desired information to user over 10/100 Ethernet.
  • The daughter board receives machine parameters/status information from sensor (analog, digital and pulse) outputs of machines. Then the received signals pass through isolator and level shifters. The outputs of Isolator and level shifters are fed to micro-controller via board to board connector for further processing.
  • The Simulator will be used to provide Analog /Digital-Pulse signals to daughter card.

Solution delivered

  • Built PFIS Main Board bearing features like:
    • Ethernet Port (RJ45 modular Jack) for user interface
    • Three pin header for CAN interface (Not applicable for user access)
    • DB-9 connector for Serial communication (not applicable for user access)
    • USB2.0 Mini-AB connector (not applicable for user access)
    • 2.1mm connector for power supply input
    • Powered by external AC-DC adapter (230Vac to 12Vdc/1A / UL approved)
  • Built PFIS Daughter Board sporting features like:
    • Opto-Isolator/level shifter
    • Digital Isolator/level shifter
    • Signal conditioning circuit
    • DC Power
    • Powered by external 24VDC from machine bus-bar

Business benefits

  • Quick and efficient device communication

Technology stack

  • Controller board
  • Micro-controller

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