Patient Payment Automation


Patient Payment Automation

About the Client

A leading healthcare technology company in the US.


The customer was facing challenges in calculating the outstanding patient co-payment due to:

  • Reconciliation of patient reports and bills from various clinical & non-clinical systems
  • Consolidate all payment related encounters viz., diagnostic tests, surgeries, procedures etc.

Business benefits

  • Improved patient payment settlement process through process automation & transformation
  • Automated outstanding payment notifications pushed to users via email and push notifications on their user’s handheld device

Process automation highlights

  • We built a software agent/robot that ran behind the scenes
  • The business process automation steps include:
    • Integrating with various legacy systems
    • Verifying patient records
    • Checking and verifying their eligibility, co-pays and deductibles – all in a matter of few seconds
    • Screen scraping and pulling outstanding payment data from various hospital systems
    • Creation of interfaces to display the outstanding payment

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