Online Training Solution for a Global Medical Device Technology Organization



About the Client

The customer is a global leader in medical device technology,who designs and manufactures products for the diagnosis and treatment of around 30 types of chronic diseases.

Business need

The customer wanted to build an online application that can be used to train its employees, vendors and technicians on the new and existing products. Every year,employees increases at the rate of 18% and end-users increases at the rate
of 25%. The conventional method of training in groups or face-to-face was becoming difficult and a challenge.

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ eTraining solution provided a virtual learning environment and rapid access to specific knowledge and information for the customer’s technicians. The system is used to train employees, vendors and technicians to learn or update the product knowledge in a cost effective way.

The system allows the manager to define a specific training plan for a technician who works on a product.The learning/training assessment module is used to evaluate a technician’s learning engagement, effectiveness and
competency on the product.

The eTraining application can be accessed on major smartphones and tablets (iOS,Android and Windows).

Business benefits

  • Enables to track technician’s progress in acquiring knowledge, evaluation of training effectiveness, and make training available anytime, anywhere with mobile integration
  • Results in cost savings in terms of organizing and conducting training
  • eTraining solution offers an immediate way to train large groups of people scattered across the country or the globe

Technology stack

  • Moodle, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Android native app, AJAX

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