Mobile Nursing Station



Business need

The customer wanted to develop a greener solution by which they can do away with paper based patient charts, improve performance and efficiency of nurses through a mobile enabled nursing charts application. Through this solution, the customer envisaged a collaborative, efficient and connected healthcare solution to improve patient care.

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ mobility center of excellence designed a native iOS application that helps nurses in updating the patient charts anytime, anywhere through a simple and intuitive interface.

The application also displayed patient lists, history and graphical view of patient records.Other prominent features of the solution include:

  • Recording of patient vitals such as
    • Temperature
    • Height,Weight
    • Heart Rate
    • Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure
  • History and Graphical view of patient vitals
  • Creating and updating new medication charts
  • Efficient practice management tool for nurses
  • Tagged List view for Patients with status as
    • Reviewed
    • To be reviewed

Business benefits

  • Enabled nurses to spend more time with patients thereby enhancing patient care and satisfaction
  • Removes the error prone paper based charts with accurate recording of patient vitals on a smartphone
  • A green solution for hospitals that saves paper

Technology stack

  • Environment: iOS 7, HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery, Eclipse IDE

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