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About the Client

The customer is an eLearning start-up that offers customized learning solutions for K12 schools.

Business need

The customer was looking at a Moodle based learning management solution that offers an integrated virtual classroom with audio/video and mobile integration.

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs developed a Moodle based solution to allow students to access courses while on the move and participate in course activities. The solution developed works seamlessly with iPhone/iPad, Android and UI optimized for mobile usability.

The mobile application has features such as:

  • Online (eLearning) course launching and tracking(e-learning packages, web based, word, PDF, PowerPoint, audio, video and RIA based)
  • Learning Dashboard and course list
  • Course Dashboard, activity list and participants
  • Course enrollment and announcement
  • Multi-screen, multi-platform content delivery
  • Collaboration tools like chat, wiki and email integration
  • Audio/Video Integration,Whiteboard capability
  • View user profiles

Business benefits

  • Lower TCO and faster adoption life cycle
  • Hassle free maintenance and easy to use
  • Out of the box solution with excellent user experience
  • Extended classroom for students with mobile and cloud enabled learning content delivery
  • Enabled better student-teacher and parent collaboration, thus providing a connected campus

Technology stack

  • HTML5/CSS3, jQuery mobile touch and custom UI controls and AJAX

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