Mobile Care Circle Application for Empowering Affordable care Integrated Healthcare Management



About the Client

The customer is a leading provider of coordination and collaboration solutions serving regional & local health plans, payers and providers. The customer’s healthcare solutions empower all stakeholders to liberate the highest quality and most efficient care, with a network of 74,000 physicians and 44 million consumers.

Business need

The customer wanted to build a mobile integrated care circle platform to run on most of web and mobile browsers.The mobile application has to be easily ported onto cross platforms viz., iOS, Android and Windows. The application has to work without any cross domain restrictions and communicate with a RESTful web service that fetches data from various databases and push it to the application.

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’Mobile CoE developed the “Care Circle” application which is designed to run on all the browsers without any compatibility issues. The solution comprised a mobile based client application with RESTful web services connecting and fetching data from various data sources.

The “Care Circle” application displays data pertaining to patient’s treatment, encounters,pharmacy,test/lab reports etc,The team carried out compatibility testing on various browsers and mobile browsers viz., Internet Explorer 10, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. The solution when deployed for a care circle enables users to access the data from anytime,anywhere.

The prominent features of the application are:

  • Patients can login using their credentials with a health network provider and view their data
  • Timeline page shows list of treatment related activities with brief information on Pharmacy, Referral, Lab, Admit/Discharge etc, with corresponding dates and icons
  • Incident Details Page covers the treatment activities with referred physician, referral physician, location, date & time, and associated icons
  • Patient Profile Page displays the basic information like First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Date of Birth, Email Id,Telephone no, Address and NSN number
  • Notification icon serves as an alert window where the recent notifications/alerts from the health network provider are seen

Business benefits

  • The solution helped the customer in providing an integrated care cycle management while complying to federal regulations
  • Promote affordable care, collaboration solutions and health information exchanges

Technology stack

  • Eclipse IDE (Classic 3.7)
  • Java Script, HTML5, jQuery, CSS3
  • Cross Platform Mobile Platform: PhoneGap

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