Mobile Application to Capture and Monitor Patient Vitals



About the Client

The customer is a leading provider of comprehensive health informatics solutions for more than 900+ hospitals in the US.

Business need

The customer wanted to build an iOS mobile application that can capture vital patient information and make it available for physicians from anywhere, anytime. This application should provide the physicians an instant, secure access to patient records and vitals thereby helping them take quick decisions and better diagnosis at the time of emergency

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs helped the customer with user experience design,mobile application development and testing. The patient monitoring mobile application has the following features:

  • View patient details (admission date/time, primary and consulting physician, location) through a secure login
  • Vitals related information like Temperature, Blood Pressure, Height, Weight and BMI, Medications
  • Add patient information data with demographics, diagnosis, vitals, allergies, family history and current medications list

Business benefits

  • Improved physician productivity and better diagnosis with real time patient data available up to the last minute at the point of care
  • Enhanced patient care quality and improved collaboration
  • Intuitive and user friendly workflow
  • Helped physicians with quick analysis of the patient information and provide the necessary instructions to the patient/ facility coordinator about plan of care

Technology stack

  • Tools/Technology: iOS SDK 7.0, SQLite 3.8.1, XCode 5.0.2

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