Leadership Development Product


Leadership Development Product

About the Client

The client is a university offering solution to B2B education product stream.

Business need

The client wanted to develop online non-degree e-learning solutions with key features as user interface design, integrated assessment/survey tools, social learning tools, custom reporting, certifications, and areas for partner customization.

Solution delivered

The preliminary design offering was to create a landing page and three distinct areas inside the system. The three distinct areas inside the program that the user experienced were:

  • LEAP User Community Area: Users first login and then see this client branded page with a welcome graphic and resource links to client corporate leadership messages and quotes from various leadership sources. This system level functionality also contains all the support and administrative requested functions and features like course descriptions, user accounts, community social wall, communication tools, links to the assessment tool and reporting.
  • Course Area: This area carries the course content and the functions and features embedded in the course shell. Here we added classroom tools such as classmate listings,communication tools,forums,completion status, and links to the Qualtrics.
  • Qualtrics Area: This third party assessment tool interfaces with the two other system areas to facilitate the assessment process.Assessment details will be kept in the Qualtrics for analysis and reporting with a final assessment score migrated daily over to the LEAP platform DB for user reporting.Three assessment surveys were planned:
    • Program Level Assessment
    • Class level Assessment
    • Applied Learning multi-rater assessment

Business benefits

  • Allows some organizational customization (i.e. message from a senior leader, organization based case learning in selected spots, etc.)
  • The learning should be consumable at work, at home, or on the move
  • The platform and course design shall allow for non-prescriptive course level learning paths
  • Include elements which allow the user to engage with others inside and outside the context of the courses themselves

Technology stack

  • LAMP (Linux, Apache 2.4.10, PostgreSQL 9.2 & PHP 5.6.3)
  • Totara LMS 2.9,YUI, Qualtrics 360
  • REST API service, Notepad++, Eclipse and CLS Cloudbug

Components Developed:

  • Web Application accessible inside network
  • Mobile Website, UI/UXE Design and Development

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