IP-Video Intercom Development



About the Client

The client is a market leader in telecom sector.

Business need

The client envisaged to develop an entire IP Video Door phone hardware and Software solution around TI’s media processor platform with ARM and DSP based
Davinci platform.The major challenges faced in the development process includes the following:

  • To completely work on the specs and requirement and zero in on the hardware design that would meet all functional feature requirements and provide ease of software development and the performance requirements so as to match with the specifications of an existing imported unit.
  • To make use of new media compression algorithm to reduce bandwidth requirements and provide the required frame rates of over 25 FPS
  • Low cost of ownership, no licensed OS to reduce the cost, quicker turnaround for the functionally proven Engineering proto
  • Touch based Screen display with rich touch phone like features

Solution delivered

  • The architecture of IP video intercom system is centered on TI DM365 Digital media processor SoC.
  • The system uses MPEG4 media compressed Video and G.711 audio in a media container transported using RTP/RTSP.
  • The system has custom call handling and call processing function where many feature sets such as – Missed call, unit busy, call progress and call terminations are handled in the software application.
  • The system also has features to record a video stream or a snap shot of the video on demand and during missed calls/calls not being answered.
  • Up to 4 Apartment units supported in a home and call can be handled by any one of the units.There are other special features that make the product rich in its functionality that are unique in this product.
  • The product uses open source components like UI framework QT and GStreamer.

Business benefits

  • Low investment
  • Enhanced call handling

Technology stack

  • Language: C
  • OS: Linux
  • Hardware:TI Davinci
  • Multimedia Codec: G.711, MPEG4
  • Voice and Video Over IP
  • Power over Ethernet

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