IP TV Services Management Platform Development



About the Client

The client is a growing European operator who wanted to help their customers stay ahead of the curve by being a driving force for innovation and adoption of new technology.

Business need

The client wanted ALTEN Calsoft Labs to develop a management platform for IP TV services. The key challenges of the project were:

  • The platform should support content providers to deliver their content, content distributors (operators/ISPs) acquire the content licenses and offer the services to their subscribers
  • Flexibility and agility of the platform in terms of facilitating
    • Content providers upload their content, create their product offering and view the consumption statistics
    • Distributors purchase content from content providers, create their own products for end users and view the consumption statistics
    • End users subscribe to their distributors services and consume the content
    • Centralized administration of different systems’content, providing a state of the art customer care service and addressing the customer concerns by performing operations on behalf of the customer

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs developed the various middleware modules of the IP TV services management platform which included:

  • Content provider/distributor management
  • Content management
  • Roles & rights management
  • Product management, billing & reporting
  • API management & platform administration

ALTEN Calsoft Labs also developed a self-care portal for the end users to manage their subscriptions, configurations, etc. as well as a Subscriber Database for storing/retrieving all the subscriber information via APIs.

Technology stack

  • ASP .NET: MVC, Web API, SignalR, OWIN, Razor
  • Async module (async/await)
  • Programming in C#
  • SQL Server 2014
  • Couchbase (both as document store and caching)
  • JavaScript/jQuery, Bootstrap, CQRS, Message bus (Mass transit with RabbitMQ), AngularJS,
  • Less or SASS

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