Inventory and Order Management Dashboards Development



About the Client

The customer is America’s second largest online discount retailer

Business need

The customer wanted to provide its business users and vendors a real-time visibility into Inventory and Order information through comprehensive reports for better and quick decision making.Some of the other challenges are:

  • Business users and Vendors didn’t have access to order and Inventory information in real-time
  • Vendors were facing serious challenges to manage inventory
  • This resulted in overstocking of certain goods and non-fulfillment of customer orders for certain items
  • Vendors predominantly wanted data on delinquent orders, open orders and inventory positions

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ solution included the following areas that provided a seamless online reporting functionality for business users.

  • Provide a web based tool to Business Users and Vendors to view the Order and Inventory information
  • Identify potential design & development related performance issues
  • Performance Testing and Tuning
  • Implemented health metrics
  • Query Optimization
  • Database fine tuning

Business benefits

  • All Reports(Order and Inventory) are available 24/7 hours
  • Data made available for reporting is near real time with a latency of 2 hours
  • Vendors and business users had access to data in near real time for managing optimal inventory
  • Achieved response time to get data into reporting tool within 2 minute once report is fired.

Technology stack

  • Environment: IBM Sterling OMS Suite
  • Reporting: Microstrategy
  • Performance Testing: Load Runner
  • Database: Oracle 11g
  • Others: Partners Online Application

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