Integration & Upgradation of legacy System for Flow Cytometer


Integration & Upgradation of legacy System for Flow Cytometer

About the Client

A Leading Medical Device Company.

Business Need

Need to improve speed and precision of a flow cytometer.

Solution Delivered

  • Provide platform for system capable of high collection rates without compromising data
  • Provide intuitive user interaction and unparalleled ease of use in flow cytometry
  • Minimize footprint and cost to deliver the full benefits of a breakthrough in flow cytometry systems


  • Completed development through pilot production in 12 months
  • Design received excellent customer reviews and achieved a 3x footprint reduction
  • Completed design detects events achieving sample throughput at rates more than 10 times faster than competing cytometers

Technology stack

  • Primary Systems Integration
  • Industrial, Mechanical & Fluidics Design
  • Optics Bench Design
  • Manufacturing Support

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