Hospital Information System



About the Client

The customer is a pioneer in providing healthcare information systems to small/midsize hospitals and is a market leader in serving rural community and critical access hospitals in the US.

Business need

The customer envisaged a robust end-to-end hospital information system to cater to the growing needs of rural and mission critical hospitals. The customer’s main goals are:

  • Streamline processes within the hospital, reduce patient waiting time and improve the efficiency
  • Reduce administrative times and duplication of information across the hospital information systems

Solution delivered

The solution proposed by ALTEN Calsoft Labs is an integrated end-to-end ERP encompassing the clinical,financial and supporting applications required for a hospital.The solution addressed core services, support services and the back office services in a hospital.
The key features include:

  • HL-7 interfaces across all modules that facilitate standards conformance
  • Centralized information with seamless flow of the financial data to the payer modules
  • Executive information system (EIS) that graphically displays the data for the management reviews
  • The billing, insurance processing modules effectively process clinical data for efficient payout for health encounters

The key modules in the system are:

  • Patient management(scheduling, registration and long term care)
  • Patient care management and departmental modules(radiology, pharmacy and pathology labs)
  • Financials module(billing, insurance processing, materials management, accounts payable/receivable, payroll and general ledger)
  • Support modules – third party labs device integration, barcode and pharmacy label printers integration
  • Image and document capturing features across registration and order management
  • Federal regulations compliance(5010 and MDS 3.0) for financial modules

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