Hospital Executive Dashboard Development



About the Client

The customer is a leading provider of comprehensive health informatics solutions for more than 900+ hospitals in the US.

Business need

The customer wanted to provide a single window through which the senior management in a hospital gets visibility into hospital operations via comprehensive KPI management.

Solution delivered

Executive Dashboard for a hospital is a custom-crafted tool that synchronizes information in one easy-to-view and secure place. This digital dashboard functions as a unified collaboration tool that allows executives to assemble information sources in a synchronized and intuitive manner.It lets the decision makers to easily access,analyze and forecast clinical,operational and financial indicators from real-time information derived from a variety of data sources.

The Executive Dashboard ensures that senior management is looking at leading indicators (such as clinical,patient and employee measures) as well as lagging (financial measures).

Some of the salient features of the dashboard solution are:

  • View relevant information; analyse reasons for abnormal data shifts, discrepancies or changes.
  • Spot trends and relationships in day-to-day operations that might go unnoticed
  • Display information in clear, interactive, graphical and multidimensional format.
  • Configure to display user defined charts on the fly
  • Access, display, profile, and compare any parameters across the organization
  • Profile indicators such as patient days, discharges, occupancy, duration of stay, revenues, and expenses, as well as departmental indicators such as payments, total expenses, and population distributions, etc.
  • Enterprise-wide data capture and analysis
  • Real-time analysis and display from anywhere and anytime through mobile integration

Business benefits

  • Easy definition of key performance indicators
  • Optimized, Accurate decision making based on facts and figures
  • Gain visibility into performance of every department in your hospital
  • Single, Unified Communication and Collaboration platform
  • Helps organization to stay healthy and ahead of competition always
  • Enable intuitive tracking of key indicators
  • Helps focus only on what is important
  • Serves as a key decision support engine to improve the performance, efficient revenue cycle management and patient satisfaction

Technology stack

  • Tools/Technology:VB.NET, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server

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