About the Client

The Client is a Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety solutions leader.


With an ultimate goal to help hospitals achieve safer care environment, the customer wanted to build a platform to:

  • Improve safety, reduce risk, and manage preventable events
  • Reduce risk and improve patient satisfaction
  • Respond rapidly to emerging safety issues and threats
  • Create safeguards to prevent or reduce events
  • Reduce administrative costs

Fast Track Story

With the platform in place the hospitals can execute the following functions:

  • Streamlined, consistent, and easy to use workflow for event detail and classification in hospitals
  • Event Reporting and Follow-up based on business rules
  • Smart event classification
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of reported events and near misses, categorized by patient, type or severity
  • Patient data confidentiality and HIPAA compliance


  • Highly efficient data capture for event story boarding
  • Clinical Accuracy via intuitive graphics assisted event entry
  • MIS dashboards and performance metrics across departments and other facilities
  • Seamless data collaboration & sharing across departments

Technology stack

  • Java
  • Ext JS 4.2
  • Spring MVC
  • Web Services
  • Oracle DB
  • Weblogic
  • Hibernate
  • Junit

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