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About the Client

Home Health Care has come a long way from the days when doctors and nurses made “house calls”. Today, the environment in which a home care agency operates is far more complex.There is the need to balance demand for greater quality with cost effectiveness while working within a dynamic and complex regulatory framework.

Business need

The Client is a reputed Home Health agency and required a solution that provided them with the capability to manage the entire episode life cycle at a reasonable cost, by minimizing administrative overheads and optimizing the core function of providing home health care.

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ solution for the client is an intuitive, user-friendly Home Health system that allows administrators to create and manage episodes, assessments, regulatory documentation and reports and submit bills and claims.The product’s offline laptop module enables the clients’ employees to work from home or from their patient’s home just as effectively and synchronize with the main server using dial-up, Wireless or Internet connection.

The Home Health application generates the OASIS report and supports HCFA 485,486 and 487 forms as well as UB04 and CMS-1500.It manages every aspect of an episode easily and efficiently – starting from patient referral, admission, OASIS assessments,scheduling to re-certification and discharge/ transfer or readmission. It complies fully with HIPAA privacy norms by means of a tightly controlled and strict selective user access model.

Other key features of the Home Health System include:

  • Home Health Patient episodes are initiated in the Patient Registration
  • Visits are recorded on a laptop and later synchronized to the patient episodes in the main system. Mileage and payroll entries can be collected at the same time.
  • OASIS can be downloaded from the facility’s information system to a laptop, then completed at the patient’s home and later uploaded to the system via a phone or Internet connection.
  • The product allows printing of different types of assessment forms – Start of Care, Recertification,Transfer and Discharge
  • OASIS Completion – shows complete and incomplete assessments by patient
  • OASIS Assessment Due – shows patients that have assessments due for a range of dates
  • Reports such as Employee Renewal reports, Patient Statistics reports, Discharge Details report and an Unduplicated Census report

Business benefits

  • Decreased administrative costs by elimination of manual data entry and paperwork
  • Very convenient and easily accessible anytime, anywhere
  • No additional equipment required – only a laptop and Internet connection
  • Better quality control
  • Increased cash flow from faster billing

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