Genomic Dashboard For Targeted Cancer Therapy



About the Client

The customer is considered to be the founder of Bio-Tech industry and a multibillion dollar company with 11,000+ employees. They are the 2nd most innovative Bio-Tech companies in the world.

Business need

The customer wanted to build an integrated reporting and analysis portal to understand mutations happening in a gene sequence by analysing huge genomic data sets in real time.

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs developed a web based interactive mutation viewer with deep genetic sequencing used in inventing cancer therapy drugs.

Some of the dashboard features are:

  • High performance, intuitive visualization dashboard solution for exploration of large genomic data sets
  • Mutation data represented in a more meaningful and graphical form
  • Visualize genomes with annotated data including gene prediction and structure, proteins, expression, regulation, variation comparative analysis etc,
  • Cloud/Mobile enabled delivery of genome analysis portal to support high performance, usability and scalability

Business benefits

  • Enabled customer to understand various mutation combinations through rigorous research and combating deadly diseases
  • Provide better care at reduced cost and improving the lives of the people through safe and effective drugs

Technology stack

  • Tools/Technology: J2EE, Spring, JSP, JSTL, Servlets, Dom4j, Oracle 10g, Flex 4.5, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, JBoss4

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