Field Support for a leading LTE Test & Measurement Company


Field Support for a leading LTE Test
& Measurement Company

About the Client

The client is a leading LTE test and measurement company.

Business need

The client wanted ALTEN Calsoft Labs to do the following for them.

  • Testing across eNB stack using commercial UE and Mobipass UE and EPC
    • The scope of the work is to test features for 3GPP Releases
    • Test the protocol stack for ERCOM Mobipass UE/ePC with Altiostar eNB
    • Testing, Bug Finding, Customer Support through Patch Management, Bug Raising and Consult Development teams during Field Trials

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ expert team did the following to shape the client’s requirement.

  • LTE-TDD and FDD Testing with Mobipass UE and Commercial UE Testing
  • Log Analysis using ERCOM Mobipass Protocol Tester
  • Mobipass UE Load Mode Testing
  • Stress Testing using hundreds of Ues
  • LTE End-to-End Testing and Log Analysis
  • Red mine Ticket Investigation on LTE eNB Test Tool
  • Support for the LTE Test Scenario (Call Processing)
  • Customer Support for Mobipass UE and EPC Simulator
  • Communication with R&D for bugs, Reporting and Solving
  • Investigating, Troubleshooting and Solving Tickets or requests raised by customers
  • Long Period On-site Customer Support and Testing
  • Mobipass UE Validation and Testing using Customer eNodeB Prototypes
  • Field Trial Test, Installation and Commissioning & Evaluation of Products

Business benefits

  • Cost effective large scale potential test configurations
  • Real time testing at an affordable entry point
  • Track Intermittent or Transient Issues in reduced test time
  • Test CA (*5) with all DL and UL Interactions with latest RF Port Scalability

Technology stack

  • Ercom EPC
  • Wireshark
  • TTI Tracing
  • RF GUI Tool
  • Sierra LTE Dongle
  • Altair LTE Dongle
  • AT&T Dongle

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