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About the Client

The client is an enterprise providing internal competition that keeps track of employee participation over activities, scores awarded to activities, winners based upon scores earned and awarding prize over winners.

Business need

The client needed to develop SC application to encourage Sales staff (Sales Engineers,Application Engineers,and Inside Sales) to participate in particular activities. The challenging task was to choose the framework which met the requirements like widget development, content management, web service integration, responsive UI,login from mobile and performance.

Solution delivered

This solution is aimed at deploying intranet application for an Enterprise Sales Challenge, so that employees can access their data from any browsers like Internet explorer,safari,Firefox or chrome internally and login into mobile.

The SC Application provides the following features for the enterprise sales employees who can log-in to the application using their credentials.

  • Start Widget – Displayed for authenticated SC users in employee portal page which allows users to view their activity status. It provides an interface to access SC application only inside enterprise network.
  • Home Page – It is the main page of the application.The user has an overview of all the latest information relating to the Sales Challenge and can access all functions and features from this page.
  • Customer Events Page – This shows list of events available across the enterprise to view and comment on.
  • Share & Collect Page – Users upload their participation details over various activities in the Sales Challenge. Upon uploading the data they earn scores/turcoins instantly based upon the pre-defined algorithm.
  • My Ranking Page – Based upon the turcoins earned user will get ranked and displayed in a graphical format.
  • MC Ranking Page – Displays all Marketing companies with the ranking here.
  • Case Stories – Extracts case stories data from another internal application named ADSL and displays here.
  • Manage Activities – SC Administrator is able to create and edit a list of activities and turcoins.
  • Manage Users – List of users and their details are manageable by SC Administrator herewith assigning to specific marketing company.
  • Turcoins Allocation – SC Administrators are able to select one or more users and add completed activities to their accounts.They are also able to edit or delete activities already in the accounts.
  • League Table – SC Administrator views a list of user and their current turcoins totals. Also it allows filtering the list and showing the results for each group/company.This information is passed to management to highlight the progress of the competition.
  • Manage News & Events – SC Administrators are able to deliver regular competition news updates, blog entries, rules changes and other information to SC Users via these items. Each item is taggable, so that the SC Users can search for items with particular tags.
  • Login from Mobile – As this application is kind of intranet, it is accessible only inside enterprise network. Login from Mobile provides an SC User to log into the application on their mobile device from anywhere.
  • Newsletter – System is configured to send bi-weekly newsletters email automatically. SC administrator has facility to manage the templates of newsletter email.
  • Site Pages – Users can view site pages like Get Help & Support here

Business benefits

  • As the application has been developed using Drupal and REST API, the application can be deployed for competition related web application.
  • Bootstrap is a plugin for application development, which can be used to build the browser application for desktop, mobile or tablet devices.

Technology stack

  • LAMP (Linux, Apache 2.4.18, MySQL 5.5.46 & PHP 5.6.19)
  • Drupal framework, BootStrap
  • REST API service
  • Notepad++, Eclipse
  • SC Server

Components Developed:

  • Web Application accessible inside network
  • Mobile Website
  • UI/UXE Design and Development

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