Enhancing Learning Experience & Outcomes


Enhancing Learning Experience & Outcomes

About the Client

A leading higher education company in the US.


Provide a unified view for universities’ administrative staff on the outstanding payment for students and parents with the ability to view current balances.

Business benefits

  • Helped the customer to reliably forecast campus/university operational costs based on receivables
  • Universities benefit from reduced workload in processing and expediting payments
  • Real-time posting of student payments on campus ERP

Process automation highlights

  • We built a software agent/robot that ran behind the scenes
  • The highlights of the student payment automation include:
    • Integrating with various legacy systems
    • Verifying student records
    • Checking student’s outstanding payments, verifying their payment plans all in a matter of few seconds
    • Screen scraping and pulling outstanding payment information from different student ERP systems
    • Creation of interfaces to display the outstanding payment


  • Environment : .NET, SQL Server, Java, Swing, EJB, Servlets, AIX, Informix, WebSphere Reporting Server & Crystal Reports, Mainframe, Android and iPhone
  • Screen Scraping Tools : VT100,VT220 or VT420 for UNIX

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