Electronic Clinical Trial for a Pharma Research Company


Electronic Clinical Trial for a Pharma Research Company

About the Client

Leading Pharma Research Company.

Business Need

The challenge for the customer was to collect and analyse remote patient data with less cost and maximum security for clinical trials purpose and wanted to build a clinical trials automation solution.

Solution Delivered

An integrated clinical trials solution with patient recruitment, data collection, analysis and tracking. The data for analysis used to come from different sources viz., online forms, hand-held devices like tablet PCs and Pocket PCs. Online reports generated are used by the certified research assistants, laboratories / Independent 3rd party vendors for further analysis.

Clinical Trail Management Solution

  • Quality Management:
    • ISO System Development
    • Mock Inspection
    • Site Investigation
    • Data Integrity
  • IT Health Care Application:
    • Clinical Trial Management System
    • Site Management & Monitoring
    • Data Management System
    • LIMS & Infrastructure Support
  • Health Outcomes & Patient Registry:
    • 15000 Patient database Management
    • Patient Registration
    • AI Based Data Mining
    • Payment for Patients
  • CRO Activities:
    • Vendor Management
    • Patient Recruitment & Retention
    • Pharmacovigilance
    • Call center Support


  • Faster volunteer recruitment
  • Flexible screening questionnaires
  • Direct data capture (DDC/eSource)
  • Work flow automation and modern data processing

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