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About the Client

An online post secondary education services company,that offers a variety of doctoral, masters and bachelors program through its subsidiary (a leading University in the US).The subsidiary university offers over 1,250 online courses and 43 academic programs with 136 specializations to over 39,000 learners.

Business need

The customer envisaged to develop a complete online campus solution with close integration between different modules in the system.The customer was looking at a reliable product development partner to support their Product Development, Support & Maintenance and QA operations in a sustainable model.

Solution delivered

The salient features of the Automation testing and Product Development services are:

  • Performance Testing and Automation
    • Plan and Design testing strategies for product development projects
    • Assist them with design and implementation of automated testing strategy for product development – As an initia milestone, we automated 25% of the testing across their product line and are working to improve it to 65%
    • Write and execute test cases and scripts for the different online product requirements
  • Development
    • New integration components to the classroom solution
    • New customizations for iGuide, mobile, courseroom, eBooks, eLibrary modules etc.
    • Implemented new requirements to enhance existing system components or redesign Liferay based portlets
    • Creation of new web-forms and new portlets

ADU measures static and differential pressures using 2 pressure sensors and impact pressure using the temperature probe (PT-100). ADU transmits these
air data parameters via two identical ARINC 429 digital lines.

  • Maintenance and Support
    • Application of service packs and system upgrades
    • Support for production issues
    • Changes to integration components with other ecosystem changes
    • Periodic configuration and compatibility updates
    • Production system tickets handling
    • Performance improvements (for page display, database optimization etc.)
    • Investigation into potential changes brought to attention by QA, online product management with and Technical support

Technology stack

Usage Technology
Development JAVA/J2EE, Spring, Hibernate
Servers Apache Tomcat, Oracle
Open Source Technology Liferay, Go
Integration Tool Jenkins,Web Services
UI Libray Jquery
Testing Jmeter, Junit

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