Developing Hardware for Energy Efficient Lighting


Developing Hardware
for Energy Efficient Lighting

About the Client

The client is a government organization in electronics industry.

Business need

The client wanted ALTEN Calsoft Labs to design and develop hardware and embedded software for lighting controller used in buildings and manufacturing.The challenges faced in the development process includes:

  • Building framework to control multiple powered electrical devices
  • Saving power in large buildings/manufacturing facilities where power consumption is more
  • Controlling lights and other powered electrical devices

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ solution included the following activities:

  • Designing prototype of the required hardware and embedded software
  • Developing final product on client approval of prototype
  • Test the product on a connected load of 1300W per controller
  • Deploying and maintaining the product regularly to ensure smooth working

Business benefits

  • Withstand normal voltage and frequency variations (230V AC +/- 10% and 50Hz +/- 3%)
  • Various loads can be connected up to 1300 watts (tube lights, ceiling fans, etc.)
  • Protection for surge, static and resettable fuse for short circuit protection and overload
  • Solid-state relay (SSR) based solution
  • Uses Passive Infrared sensor (PIR sensor)

Technology stack

  • IR Motion Sensor
  • Lights and other powered electrical devices of 1300W

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