Developing Dynamic Solutions for a Leading Label Printer Vendor



Business need

The customer envisaged to incorporate drawing tools and supported printers as plug-in components in their existing Label Designing and Label Print Manager application suite to ensure speedy service delivery.

Some of the challenges included:

  • To allow Label Designer application to add new drawing tools such as Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, Picture, Bar-code, etc that enable high resolution and larger label file designing and printing.
  • To permit Label Print Manager application to add support for any new printer in the future.

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ solution included the following activities viz,

  • Shared the complete technical architecture of all the applications and components including the pluggable ones with the customer.
  • Provided the complete GUI wire frames for all the applications.
  • Implemented the Label Designer and Label print applications that offer the underneath facilities:
    • Rich UI with Ribbon toolbars, docking windows and theme support.
    • Support for any new drawing tool without changing the application binary by just dropping the drawing tool component to the application binary path.
    • Permission to link fields to data records from MS Excel, Dbase, HTML, Tab-delimited, Comma delimited, ODBC and various database such as MS SQL Server and MS Access.
    • Rights to export a label as a graphic file.
    • Permit to extract the label source files like fonts, graphics, etc.
    • Rights to create batch print file using any label file with desired print count for each label.
    • Permission to Auto generate the alphanumeric text for fields meant for batch or series number placed in the label.
    • Permit to pause, cancel and re-issue the print jobs.

Business benefits

  • Provide flawless designing and printing of labels
  • Allow customer for complete unitization of the label printer by using bulk printing feature in Label Print Manager
  • Permit client to provide custom drawing tools to their customers as patches instead of providing the complete update or re-installation of the package
  • Allow client to provide new printer support or update to any existing printer to their customers
  • Quick turnaround time resulting in on-time launch of the new product

Technology stack

  • Development Tools: Visual Studio 2013 IDE, C#,WPF,WCF, ADO . Net
  • Framework: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows
  • Libraries: Barcode library, Infragistics library,Third Party SDKs

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