Mobile Application for Hoteliers


Mobile Application for Hoteliers

About the Client

The client is a leading hotelier with hotels across 5,000 large cities and small rural areas around the globe.

Business need

The application is designed to run on all the browsers without any compatibility issues. The challenging task is to make the application to work without Cross domain restrictions and communicate with a RESTful web service that fetches data from various data bases and pushes it to the application. The application needs to handle hotels selling & distribution functions, managing inventory,the last moment rates,receiving confirm bookings, quick Stop-sell option to managing rate and inventory updates up to 122 days in advance.

Solution delivered

This solution is aimed at deploying applications for a hotel management tasks for hoteliers, so that hoteliers can access their data from anywhere and from any browsers like Internet explorer,safari,Firefox or chrome.

The Application provides the following features for the hoteliers who can log-in to the application using their credentials.

  • Home Page – Shows list of hotels with menu on click of each hotel list. Also there is option to search the specific hotels by clicking search icon.
  • Hotel Menu Page –Shows the list of hotel menu like Manage inventory, Manage rates, Quick Stop-Sell, Manage bookings,View Arrivals, Last minute rates and Bank details.
  • Sliding Menu Page – This page displays the entire menu displayed in the Hotel menu page with Push notifications, Call Us, Help, Product version and Logout for easy navigation from any screen.
  • Manage Inventory Page – This shows list of Room type with Calendar navigation which will allow to update 122 days in advance for Inventory update.
  • Manage Rates Page – Shows list of rate plans for each type with start and end dates and calendar navigation for displaying date of each month with rates.
  • Manage Stop-Sell Page – This option is for managing rate and inventory updates up to 122 days in advance.There are two options like Apply Stop-Sell for updating the inventory to stop sell and remove stop sell for removing the specific stop sell inventory with dates.
  • Manage Bookings – Shows list of unconfirmed bookings for specific date ranges with details of check in, check out,Traveler name, Contact number, Room type, Number of Guests, Special services,Value added promotions and Total amount payable.
  • View Arrival Page – Shows the Confirmed booking details with date Ranges, Booking id, Guest name, Contact number, Room type and Payment status.
  • Last Minute Rates – Shows last minute rate for different room type and rate plan with availability. Also there is option to select the check in date Today,Tomorrow and day after tomorrow.
  • Manage Margin Page – This shows the Current Rank, Current Margin and Contracted Margin. Also this option has options for updating the new margin and previewing the new rank.
  • Bank Details Page – Shows the bank details with Account holder’s name, Account number, Branch name and IFSC code.
  • Push Notification Page – Shows three different kinds of notifications like New Bookings, Low Inventory and Promotional Notifications.

Business benefits

The development advantages of application in future are as follows.

  • As the application has been developed using HTML5, Angular JS with Ionic Framework and CSS, it can be deployed for IOS, Android and windows phone or tablet using the ngCordova.
  • ngCordova is the cross-platform mobile application development plugin, which can be used to build the browser application for mobile or tablet devices.
  • ngCordova has set of in-built APIs to use the native features of iOS or Android and Windows

Technology stack

  • ng-Cordova v6.0.0, Ionic framework v1.6.1
  • AngularJS v1.3.6 , HTML5, CSS3
  • Android SDK 6.0 & iOS 9.1, GCM, APNS
  • Brackets v1.6 , Notepad++

Components Developed
The solution comprised of the following components as below:

  • Mobile based client application supporting Android and iOS
  • Integration of the mobile application with the business back-end
  • UI/UXE design and development

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