Design of Portable Artificial Kidney for a Medical device Company


Design of Portable Artificial Kidney for a Medical device Company

About the Client

A Leading Medical Device Company.

Business Need

Need to design a low cost, easy to use machine and disposable daily filter set/consumables with built in safety systems to enable 3x per week dialysis use in home setting.

Solution Delivered

  • Design new filtering media/systems to enable large reduction in size vs standard dialysis equipment
  • Make disposables low cost to enable daily dialysis in home environment
  • Develop intuitive user interface
  • Develop new, low cost sensors for items such as bubble detection, flow stop, etc. to guarantee user safety without training


  • Developed system that was cost effective for intended use
  • Disposable kit well below cost targets
  • New bubble detection, flow shut-off and advanced blood cartridge developed

Technology stack

  • Complex dual sided disposable moulding with ultrasonic welding and over-moulded Liquid Silicone Rubber shut-offs integrated into assembly
  • New Bubble detection and Flow Shut off systems
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Integrated error handling (direct communication back to ER setting if major error detected during operation)

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