Design and development of a Cash Drawer Controller



About the Client

The client is a market leader in hardware and semiconductor industry.

Business need

The client envisaged to design and develop a Cash Drawer Controller hardware and firmware for communicating with the Point of Sale (POS) terminals. The challenges faced in the process includes:

  • To Re-engineer the existing design that includes – schematics, PCB files, firmware and micro-controllers
  • To design a product that meets functionality requirements, POS Compliance, and the expected BOM cost

Solution delivered

  • Developed a board firmware and designed a control card based on PIC 18F2450 micro-controller
  • Developed a board with OPOS complied architecture supporting dual power operation
  • Built firmware for reading the commands or sending status to POS terminal through a full speed USB 2.0 interface
  • Developed a Micro switch to read the cash drawer open/close status

Business benefits

  • Dual Power Support
  • No need of building from scratch

Technology stack

  • Hardware: PIC Microcontroller, RS232, USB 2.0.
  • Software: OPOS compliant firmware

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