Deploying DevOps for a leading logistics Service Provider



About the Client

The client is a leading retail communications and logistics service provider.

Business need

While developing a DevOps solution entitled enable Suite for the client,ALTEN Calsoft Labs faced the following challenges.

  • No comprehensive visibility across development and delivery processes, making it hard to compare,optimize and govern
  • Inefficiencies and quality issues, due to pockets of manual, error-prone handoffs among teams inside as well as across hundreds of distributed partner companies
  • Technical debt, as sometimes production problems (stemming from poor code) realized too late
  • Risk for cost and delays in time to market,due to lack of business agility with disconnected business owners,development team and end-users
  • Lock-in to third party software partners with high switching cost, due to lack of visibility into source code and related assets like documentation

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’highly experienced and skilled DevOps team had codified set of agile processes using Enable Suite to enable collaborative application development and deployment across internal and external cloud infrastructure.

Business benefits

  • Business agility, as applications can be delivered closer aligned and timed with the business needs
  • Increased efficiencies & quality with consistent automation, now across projects from development into operations
  • Reduced risk and improved time-to-market through instant visibility
  • Improved planning on change and new apps for faster implementation and better resource usage

Technology stack

  • Federated ALM Solution integrated with HPQC, HPOO and HPSA

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