Defect Tracking and Management using Automation


Defect Tracking & Management using Automation

About the Client

A leading university in the US.


Establish a project wide standard defect tracking & management process.

Business benefits

  • This custom workflows built within VersionOne helped in tracking and publishing the defects, defect status and project health – anytime, anywhere with all project stake holders
  • The defects are tracked for each test case story and the sprint
  • Effective, seamless Build & Release Management
  • Real time visibility into bug/defect discovery, progress/status
  • 100% transparency about the project health enabled project teams and customers to manage any foreseeable risks and arrive at mitigation plan

Process automation highlights

  • Test cases are added as stories against the active sprint
  • Sprint stories are marked as ‘Ready To Test’ after code review
  • QA team starts test execution
  • If any defect found, the QA team logs it as a new defect/task with a new task ID (along with proper steps to reproduce
  • The new task ID is linked to the original test case story ID for traceability
  • If the new defect is fixed, then the story status is changed to ‘Ready to Test’ and then QA verifies and marks it as ‘QA Complete’
  • Mail sent to all stakeholders about the status of the defect
  • If the defect is still reproducible, additional comments are added by QA and the status is changed from ‘Ready To Test’ to ‘Re-Open’
  • If more “Priority 1” defects persist, then QA asks for a code rollback and request for new build

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