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About the Client

The customer is an online retailer in the UK.

Business need

The customer was experiencing major issues w.r.t. attracting and engaging customers with effective campaigns for targeted retail products. Some of the other challenges are:

  • Customer was unable to manage cross-channel, real-time, and micro-segment communications
  • Customer marketing processes were not providing relevant, engaging messages
  • No mechanism to re-engage lost customers or influence repeat purchases
  • No user-friendly reporting system

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ solution comprised of the following areas that addressed core customer problems and helped them to gain a competitive edge in the market place.

  • Customization of IBM Unica Campaign Management for intelligent relationship marketing
  • End-to-end campaign planning, definition, execution, tracking and reporting
  • Built marketing database with combination of online behavior and e-commerce activity
  • Provided mechanisms for targeted, personalized, and multi-channel communication

Business benefits

  • 20% increase in average time spent by the customer at the site
  • Greater average order size
  • Increased revenue per customer
  • Longer average customer tenure
  • Improved customer profitability
  • Reduced time to market for new programs and promotions
  • Provided better campaign tracking mechanism

Technology stack

  • Environment: IBM Unica Campaign Management
  • Database: IBM Db2

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