Cloud Based Safety and Incident Management Solution for Pharmacies


Cloud Based Safety and Incident Management
Solution for Pharmacies

About the Client

Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety solutions leader with a proven record of delivering software and services to advance care quality, safety performance and value based care.

Business need

The customer envisaged a safety and risk management solution with self-reporting, event tracking and workflow management capabilities.

  • Adherence to healthcare standards such as HIPAA and regulatory bodies
  • Handling multiple end customers through a multi-tenant solution
  • Handling huge volume of customer data


  • Under-reporting of incidents (Limited or no reporting)
  • Lack of unified view of patient safety in retail pharmacy value chain
  • Incomplete or ineffective safety and quality improvement programs
  • Data silos resulting in fragmented view of patient safety programs
  • Adherence to HIPAA and Patient Confidentiality

Business benefits

  • Secure, Scalable, and Flexible platform
  • Quick deployment without any significant software and hardware costs – thus providing lower TCO
  • Seamless and Quick integration with existing IT systems
  • Powerful Incident Management analytics that enables Divisional, Corporate, Operational and Quality leaders with actionable insights for:
    • Performance Improvement
    • Store Operations
    • Staff Productivity

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs team proposed a SaaS based solution for tracking pharmacy incidents for 5,000 retail pharmacies across different zones using MVC, entity framework and Oracle. The key highlights of the solution include:

  • Report quality incident by pharmacist and technicians
  • Provide a unified view of reported pharmacy incidents with patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance
  • Intuitive electronic notifications of the relevant incidents to the stakeholders
  • Regular/Standard and ad-hoc reports for users

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