Clinical Data Management Analytics for a Pharmaceutical Company


Clinical Data Management Analytics for a Pharmaceutical Company

About the Client

A Leading Multinational Pharmaceutical Company.

Business Need

Our Customer’s objective was to significantly abbreviate time to complete oncological trial (Solid tumours), including rapidly recognizing when a trial should to be terminated. In the meantime, management needed to constantly comply with regulatory investigation from Federal Drug Administration and utilize it to proactively screen and oversee remarkable trial event.

But the problem was,

  • Data was fragmented over different heritage frameworks, and this deferred the ability to make business decisions
  • Extensive Data manipulation
  • Incompatible legacy system impended data integration standardization
  • As a result, the system denied a comprehensive view of over all sources

Solution delivered

ACL Launched CDM Analytics

ACL’s Clinical Centre of Excellence (CoE) ensures tight alignment of the latest technologies with key clinical processes. Technology implemented was:

  • Electronic data capture (EDC)
  • Clinical data management systems (CDMS)
  • Interactive voice or web response technologies (IVRS/IWRS)
  • Clinical trial management systems (CTMS)
  • Clinical drug supplies management systems (DSMS)

ACL’s CDM Data Analytics breaks down the silos of information which have limited access of integrated system and unlock a holistic view of real time trial data.

ACL has prevailing with regards to doing with CDM Analytics is the integration of data and procedures related with a drugs lifecycle. This incorporates creating a data engine to collect, clean, and prepare data for analysis. This data in combination with other trial report provides a set of predictive analytics. Which of course impacting trial outcomes.

Business benefits

  • Data Mastering gives the capacity to interface multi-domains of information
  • Data Management gives the high performance, scalable data integration to support data bank and trial decision
  • Data Services gives the capacity to combine data from numerous heterogeneous sources into a single virtualized outlook. This enables the solution catalyse transmission of vital information to the trial co-ordinator
  • Automated case processing manages the critical task of monitoring and producing alerts to key collaborator to take necessary action

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