Automation Testing Leader in Cloud Security


Automation Testing for a Leader in Cloud Security

About the Client

A Leading network security solutions provider for cloud data centres

The Challenge

  • Customer had planned major release in a short span of time
  • Weekly builds had to be tested for the core features of customer storage and application delivery controller product
  • Verification and Validation of the product on multiple platforms for each build viz., 4408, 5412, 4416 etc.
  • Test on diverse hardware (SSL + memory) combinations

Automation Highlights

  • 750+ Test Cases were automated covering all major features viz, Compression, Caching, Multiplexing, Http Modification, Cookies, Virtual Service Configuration, SSL, and Client authentication policy
  • Covered 20 builds, 3 different platforms
  • Sanity test cases were executed for 2 hours to verify the stability of the build
  • Parallel execution of test cases every week for each new build on diverse platforms with different hardware configurations

Business Benefits

  • Increased testing coverage
  • Reduced effort by manual test team
  • Increased product stability since all hardware combinations & platforms could be tested quickly


  • Jsystem
  • JAVA
  • Python
  • Linux

Automation Areas

  • Functional Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Sanity Testing

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