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About the Client

The client is one of the global university that provides campus and online degree programs.


  • Provide Adaptive Learning Experiences across multiple form-factors
  • Delays in product releases due to frequent code changes and build failures
  • Monitoring Security Threats & Application Performance
  • Destabilization of Application during Testing
  • Inefficient Deployment and Management of Microservices

Solution delivered

  • Planned and implemented continuous delivery and DevOps at scale
  • Streamlined application delivery pipeline through code, build, test and deploy stages
  • Bamboo used to run tests for 18 services, 300+ packages and 4800+ unit tests
  • Hudson CI environment used to perform sanity testing for 5240+ back-end & front-end test cases
  • Dockers setup to deploy and manage micro-services
  • Python, Shell scripts to automate infrastructure provisioning
  • Splunk web interafce used to monitor servers, apps and traffic

Business benefits

  • Personalized Learning Experience addressing complete student life cycle management
  • 40% increase in overall team productivity with agile DevOps and continuous collaboration
  • Full visibility and control, gaining the ability to sense and respond to change efficiently
  • Release of new feature based on participating microservices only, in-spite of full product rollout

Technology stack

  • DevOps : Bamboo, Hudson, ClearCase, Microservices, Docker, GitHub
  • Cloud : EMC, AWS
  • Database : Oracle, Hadoop, MongoDB, MySQL, Percona, Riak
  • Automation : Python, Junit, SoapUI
  • Agile Project Management : JIRA
  • Analytics : News Relic, Splunk

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