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About the Client

The customer is a leading online market place company.

Business need

The client envisaged to design an Air Data Unit (ADU) which is a device that measures aerodynamic parameters (air data) such as air speed, altitude, air
temperature etc for defense industry. ALTEN Calsoft Labs designed ADU hardware and software around TI DSP and Holt ARINC controller including implementation of ARINC 429 protocol. Its features include:

  • The customer faced challenges of eliminating mysterious buyers who were misleading & misusing their privilege rights
  • Client faced challenges to eliminate only miscreants while not disturbing the loyal end users
  • The client wanted to frame metrics and draft a new policy to protect the interest of end users – buyers & sellers, and reduce the claim from buyers

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ solution included the following activities viz,

  • By analyzing behavior of buyers and sellers from transactional data, ALTEN Calsoft Labs segmented users into multiple categories
  • The various categories helped to filter the users based on key metrics – Profitability, reputation, usage per day, claims made over a period of time, ratings and feedback received
  • Formulated a policy to protect sellers and buyers while eliminating miscreants

Business benefits

  • Assisted the customer in reframing the existing policy for end users
  • The changes were made across all categories of stakeholders after iterative implementation of metrics to identify the most profitable solution
  • Changing from policy A to policy B which was formulated by ALTEN Calsoft Labs, resulted in savings of 68M USD globally in a span of ten months for the customer

Technology stack

  • BI/Analytics Tools: SAS,Teradata
  • Database: SQL

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