Amending Affordable Care Act for Leading Healthcare Solutions Provider


Amending Affordable Care Act for Leading
Healthcare Solutions Provider

About the Client

The client is a leading healthcare solutions provider.

Business need

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act —also known as the ACA or “Obama care” consist of the Affordable Health Care for America Act, the Patient Protection Act,and the health care related sections of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act and the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act.

The client wanted ALTEN Calsoft Labs to implement ACA for them. Employers with more than 250 employees must electronically transmit forms. Employers with fewer than 250 employees are also encouraged by the IRS to file electronically.

As an Employer the client has to submit mandatory forms to the IRS authorities.These forms have to capture the required details clearly, error-free and are to be submitted on date.

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs solution helped the client to ensure that the required data from the users for the forms are captured and made available in the prescribed format. For transmission,the functionality to securely transmit the XML file to the IRS for filing and also to receive the acknowledgment back from the IRS,for the selected work files were facilitated.

The submission task includes:

  • Submission of Forms to the IRS
  • Electronic Transmission of the Files to IRS

The Solution also provides the option for the users to verify the data that is generated in the Forms.The application facilitates with options to download the report in order to verify the data,ensuring the correctness of the Forms.

Business benefits

  • The required forms for the transmission are pre-filled with required data and can be directly submitted to the IRS Authorities, thus reducing the time for the hard copy forms being filled manually.
  • The Data verification reports enable the user to cross-check the details of the report which ensures data correctness.
  • On-demand reports are made available round the clock for the Users to download and check the ACA related details.
  • The data would be available within the system and is facilitated to be accessed anytime, as required.

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