Advanced UPOS for PoS Printers and Scanners


Advanced UPOS for PoS Printers and Scanners

About the Client

The client is a multi million POS printing / scanning Solution provider in the US.

Business need

The client wanted to penetrate the POS market and deliver a full complement of POS solutions for med to large enterprises.

Solution delivered

The POS application allows users to design and print the high resolution and larger label file using various in-built fonts and barcodes.

The prominent feature of the application includes:

  • Support 5 Different types of Scanners
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi service that supports remote scanning
  • 2D code support
  • Support for Synchronous and Asynchronous mode of communication
  • The Label Print Manager application allow user to make bulk printing to any supported printer

The prominent features of the Label Print Manager includes:

  • Rich UI with Ribbon toolbars, docking windows and theme support
  • Allow to create the batch print file using any label file with desired print count for each label
  • Auto generate the alphanumeric text for fields meant for batch or series number placed in the label
  • Allow to pause, cancel and reissue the print jobs

Business benefits

  • Provide flawless designing and printing of labels using the package for the customers
  • Able to plug into existing POS solutions seamlessly

Technology stack

  • Development Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 IDE, C#, WPF, WCF, ADO Dot Net
  • Framework: Windows MFC, .Net, ATL/COM, MS POS Framework
  • Libraries: Barcode library

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