Patient-Centric Care Collaboration Mobile Application

Empower patients to communicate in real-time with their closed of care circles viz,
family, friends, community resources.

The Challenge

Healthcare cost is skyrocketing and occupies major portion of US’ GDP. The key reasons could be attributed to rise in chronic diseases, diverse patient life styles and aging population. The customer wanted to address the needs of high risk populations with more aligned, coordinated care powered by real-time communication and collaboration workflows, and closed circles.

About the Client

A leading provider of population health management solutions serving regional & local health plans, payers and providers in US

Innovation & Creativity

Our Collaborative design thinking methodology coupled with product development and experience framework delivered best-in-class mobile app that enhanced patient experience, improved care management and member engagement. The Care Connect App enables quick, timely and actionable communication for everyone who needs to connect to your care circle.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs puts customers(patients) first. By understanding customers(patients) unmet needs, we helped arrive persona, journey maps, affinity maps uncover the big opportunities and help business develop a clear picture of the needs and goals of customers(patients).

Requirements elicitation/Discovery comprised:

  • UX Workshops
  • Stakeholder Interviews, User research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis and Gathering

Strategy & Research, Roadmap include:

  • Design Principles
  • Roadmaps
  • Personas, Use Cases and User Stories

The Fast Track Story

ALTEN Calsoft Labs designed, developed an award winning, patient-centric care collaboration mobile app that connects the entire care coordination, delivery team. We combined the PDX framework and Lean agile methodologies to create engaging, intuitive experiences in line with customer’s business and delighting patients continuously. Our homegrown solutions accelerators (enterprise social, Communication library/chat framework) helped to speed up the process of developing the app.

  • Drive communication with social messaging in the context of the patient’s care timeline
  • Care Connect personalizes care experience to connect care relationships in closed circles
  • Messages enable family, friends in a patient’s/member’s circles to communicate directly with everyone about the member’s health condition
  • Manage Timeline updates, events like appointment requests, reminders, hospital admissions and discharges, medication schedules and refills, lab results, health articles and tips etc.

Business benefits

  • Efficient care coordination, Cost optimization by aligning extended care delivery teams, community services and many more
  • Faster and Quicker care delivery (resulting in time savings) empowered care coordinators make tremendous impact on the population’s health
  • Minimized unnecessary acute, chronic care events and gaps in care delivery with real-time communication and collaboration workflow
  • HIPAA compliant – the rules governing information, images exchange within the connected care platform met federal guidelines of safety and privacy


A hybrid application built on ionic framework and Cordova, with single code base for both iOS and Android for providing a collaborative and integrated platform for patients and the care providers, to realize efficient and effective care delivery. We consolidated multiple business processes and technology platforms into a unified, easy to use mobile experience. HIPPA standards and FHIR guidelines implemented allowed data to communicate securely within the trusted member circle.

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