vFirewall Framework

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ vFirewall Framework is a reusable high performance DPDK optimized security solution developed to run on Intel x86 based platforms that can be used by Network Equipment [...]

Virtual CPE Framework

With our vCPE framework, NEMs can get a robust platform to develop vCPE products for different hypervisor and operating system environments providing seamless integration with ETSI MANO compliant [...]

Virtual CPE Framework

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ Virtual CPE (vCPE) framework is a reusable software stack that can be used by Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) to deliver customized vCPE solutions to telecom operators. [...]

Virtual CPE solution

Telecom Service Providers are facing challenges on multiple fronts with flattening revenues, increasing service requests and infrastructure costs. Rapid technology transitions, new service [...]

Virtual B-RAS Solution

Broadband Remote Access Servers (B-RASs) or Broadband Network Gateways (BNGs) perform a wide variety of network functions from subscriber session management to IP address assignment, policy [...]

TR-069 Solution

TR-069, the Broadband Forum’s Consumer Premises Equipment(CPE) WAN management protocol, is now the de-facto standard for remote CPE management. TR-069 provides standardized remote device [...]

Telecom Product Testing

Telecom Service Providers are rapidly transforming their legacy networks to support new IP and Multimedia services. Network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) face a constant challenge to expedite [...]

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