Automating Textile Life cycle Leveraging IoT


ALTEN Calsoft Labs designed and developed the PFIS IoT Gateway hardware, performed installation and testing for each of the CNC machines at the textile plant.
PFIS is actually an Ethernet Gateway for industrial equipment. It primarily consisted of a main board and a daughter board.
The Main Board that was designed, was a combination of MCU and peripherals listed below.

  • Ethernet Port (RJ45 modular Jack) for user interface
  • Three pin header for CAN interface
  • DB-9 connector for Serial communication (not applicable for user access)
  • USB2.0 Mini-AB connector (not applicable for user access)
  • 2.1mm connector for power supply input & Power supply
  • Various sensors through ADC
  • External AC-DC adapter (230V AC to 12Vdc/1A /UL approved)

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