Digital Transformation in Financial Services To Improve the Customer Experience

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Financial services companies has initiated the implementation of digital technologies to improve the customer experience. And with the advancement in the technologies, financial firms undergoing digital transformation and shape their business models, ease of payments and secured access to their resources. The financial firms growing digitally to provide more customer centric service.

The digital transformation in financial services helps financial sectors like the bank to connect with their customers, supplier, and employees more effectively than ever. Like many other industries, the financial sector has initiated to deliver greater customer insights, increase customer value, reduce costs, and manage risks and tasks. The following points address the need for digital transformation in financial services.

Digital Opportunities

Digital transformation tools such as machine learning (ML), big data and Artificial intelligence (AI) have been adopted by growing financial companies to meet their strategic objectives. The transformation to digital technologies and tools like big data, Machine leaning replaces the manual work, automate repetitive tasks and increases the productivity. The use of Machine learning (ML) secure the customer’s data money by reducing fraud and money laundering and also it enables the financial firms to improve customer experience, scale up services and optimize cost.

Digital Workspace

The digital workspace enables the financial companies to meet their client’s demands for secure access to their resources and communication that they need anywhere, anytime on any device. A digital workspace brings together the data’s, services, apps and other devices across clouds and data centers. This reduce the use of multiple security protocols and drives single efficient set where one can gain access to every data’s they are in need of. The secure digital workspace provide unified experience to the employees and make the financial companies to be productive.

Robotic Process Automation

Financial firms, banks and other such companies are transforming their traditional system to digital to provide significant service to their customers. With robotic process automation (RPA), the financial sectors deliver accurate, high-speed service to their customers. These process, improves the efficiency, accuracy of financial companies and boost their availability with virtual workers supporting their customers 24 x 7 driving higher level of productivity. With RPA the financial firms gain sustained advantage of reduce process costs yet achieving quality, scalability and improve controls.


In this digital era, cybersecurity has become a growing need for both the customers and the financial organization. Cybersecurity has become a top agenda for financial sectors. The digital transformation in financial services includes blockchain technology to provide a secure and safer service. Blockchain technology plays a major role in financial organizations to render safeguard against hackers and improve security beyond the levels of authentication.

Blockchain creates a database with digitally collected and recorded data and divides these into the blocks, which are stored in a linear chain. In financial sectors, blockchain assists the financial organization in the transactions between the organizations and within the enterprises. This blockchain technology provides the customer with complete transaction details on previous payments, warranties, contract, timestamps, and receipts. Blockchain technology provides a cost-effective, efficient service for both the financial sectors and customers.

Customer Intelligence

Nowadays the customers are expecting financial organizations to understand their requirements and preferences. The data analytics assists the financial sector to understand their customers’ needs and the employee’s role. Data analytics provides information on customer activities across all channels to financial organizations to provide better customer experience which brings more customers and is an important aspect of revenue growth and profitability.

For the financial sector, the growing technology will continue to render new ways to digitally manage, invest, secure, protect money and safeguard investments. The digital transformation in the financial sectors brings new innovative, smart services to deliver their customer. The digital transformation in financial services, aids better decision making, reduce costs, improve overall performance and customer experience, overcome barriers and introduce new capabilities to generate higher revenue.

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