UI / Full Stack Developer

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Excellent UI skills.
  • Expertise in Framework / Plattform – Angular 5
  • Design Pattern Skills in UI (Angular)
  • (Optional) Good knowledge in Java, MySQL, Angular JS
  • Good knowledge on HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Very Good knowledge on testing framework – Jasmine or Karma or Protractor
  • Knowledge of good development practices (principles and patterns, continuous integration)
  • Must have excellent hands-on experience in development of Angular (v5) based applications in 3 tier architecture (web-app-dB) in Windows/Linux environments.
  • Experience working in both Windows and Linux environments is preferred.
  • Good understanding of ITIL processes.
  • Take the ownership for all activities linked to a selected products/projects.
  • Major involvement will be troubleshooting the existing issues in the tools and evolution of the new tools.
  • Contribute to the internal knowledge base and automate routine tasks wherever possible.
  • Must have good communication skills.
Preferred Education:
Area of Expertise:
Framework / Plattform – Angular 5, Java, MySQL, Angular JS
3.1- 5.6 Years
Job Code:

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