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What is Oracle Soar?

Oracle Soar to the Cloud is the world’s first automated oracle cloud migration offering that enables Oracle customers to move from on-premise Oracle applications to Oracle Fusion Cloud Platform. It will help customers save time, cut costs, and stay focused on business. According to Oracle, this is the last upgrade that customers ever need to do.

Recently, in an event, Larry Ellison announced Oracle Soar to the Cloud. This eventually means that all on premise oracle applications will be moving to cloud using Soar to Fusion Cloud products and this is going to end routine migration and up-gradation headache of enterprise customers.

Oracle Soar will reduce the time and cost of cloud migration by 30 percent and the migration of any on-premise Application to Oracle cloud will take maximum 20 weeks’ time. Basically, it is an end of manual complicated migration and up-gradation, thanks to Oracle Soar – An automated Migration to Cloud Solution.

How Oracle Soar works?

Oracle Soar is migration to cloud solution. Its tools automate with discovery assessment, automated data, process analyzer, configuration migration utilities, and rapid integration tools.

It has been built using Oracle proprietary called “True Cloud Method” to support all the enterprise customers throughout their cloud journey.

Oracle has also launched a dedicated concierge service that will help and ensure a fast and timely upgrade with modern and industry best practice solutions. It has also launched an intuitive mobile application, which features a step-by-step implementation guide indicating exactly what needs to be done each day, this will further help enterprise customers to keep track by monitoring the status of their cloud transition.

Can Oracle Soar be used to migrate all on-premise applications to Cloud?

Currently, Oracle Soar solution is available for Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft and Oracle Hyperion customers who would like to move to Oracle ERP, Oracle SCM and Oracle EPM Cloud. Oracle is committed to invest in the development of Oracle Soar and will extend this solution to Oracle PeopleSoft and E-Business Suite customers moving to Oracle HCM Cloud, and Oracle Siebel customers moving to Oracle CX Cloud in coming years.

Oracle Soar enables to migrate your current on-premise Enterprise Applications such as E-Business Suite, Hyperion, PeopleSoft etc. to Fusion ERP Cloud. Below are key features which help in migration where customizations are involved:

  • Integration Accelerator: Several pluggable fusion integrations are available which reduces the additional effort for customizations.
  • Enhanced Built-in Features: Several customizations and extensions which had to be developed in Oracle E-Business Suite etc will be available by default as standard features in the Fusion ERP Cloud which reduces the migration effort.

Below are the base versions in which on-premise ERP should be at, for migration to Cloud:


  • E-Business Suite {( Base Version- 12.x), (Migration Framework-True Cloud Method)}
  • PeopleSoft {(Base Version-9.x), (Migration Framework-True Cloud Method)}

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