Is your H1B, J1, L1 or B1 visa about to expire?

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Is your H1B, J1, L1 or B1 visa about to expire?
Get a U.S. Visa exchange program with ALTEN Calsoft Labs, and extend your stay in U.S.

My friend Jack works on a 1-year J1 internship visa in the U.S. He is from France, one of the treaty countries and not subject to the two-year residency rule. He wants to know if it is possible for him to apply for an E2 visa while in the U.S. while staying under the J1 visa. Or would he have to wait to end his current visa and apply for a new one after returning to France?

Are you in the same situation where my friend Jack is? If YES, let me help you. If you hold a J1 visa and it is expiring, I would suggest an E2 Visa for you.

In case, you are not subject to the 2-year foreign residency requirement, you can change your visa status within the U.S. Note that the visa is only used to enter the U.S. While your arrival and departure records are already stated in the I-94 form during your entry in the U.S. So, before the I-94 dictates you an illegal presence, make sure to file the new visa before your current visa expires. Also, consider the processing time for the change of status. E-2 visa is a hefty petition, so I would advise that you hire an attorney.

You can hire either a lawyer or a consulting company that will help you in the process of getting a new visa. I work in one of such French company, ALTEN Calsoft Labs that takes French employees working in the U.S.A under their payroll and help them in extending their stay in the U.S.A by giving them an E2 non-investor visa. Note that, ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ VISA facility is available only for French employees working in the U.S.A. At the same time, helps the U.S. companies in retaining with their French employees.

How does ALTEN Calsoft Labs Help in your Visa Exchange Program?

We provide an E2 visa to a French techie whose H1B, J1, L1 or B1 visa is about to expire by signing a consultancy deal with their company. We take those employees under our employment and then position them back to their original company after sponsoring them the visa. We also sponsor visas for French citizens working in other countries than the United States.

E2 Visa Types:

There are three types of E2 visas:

  • Investor E2 Visa: The investor E-2 visa is given to an applicant when he/she starts or purchases a business in the U.S. and meets all other E-2 visa requirements.
  • Employee E2 Visa: If the E-2 Visa applicant is an employee, he/she must be of the same Nationality as that of the investor or the company that the investor E-2 visa is based on.
  • Dependent E2 Visa: The wife and kids under 21 of an E-2 investor or E-2 employee can also opt for an E-2 visa.

Out of the above 3 categories, ALTEN Calsoft Labs sponsors the Employee E2 visa for employees working in the U.S.A. but based out of France.

E-2 paperwork processing:

ALTEN Calsoft takes not more than 3 weeks to get the E2 non-investor work visa. To know complete E2 paperwork processing by ACL, Click Here.

Renew your Visa Now:

If your U.S. visa is expiring and you are struggling to get one, please reach out to us at

Also visit

Our visa consultancy team will come up with the best resolution for you.

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