Hot AI Technology Trends of 2018

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Hot AI Technology Trends of 2018
With improvements in technology, some unexpected trends arise while some old technologies merge together, escalating newer forms. The list of modern tech trends of 2018 is long. So, for time being, let us emphasize on few of them:

• The Conversational Agents: Chatbots, mark the Growth of NLP
When we hear the word chatbot, we mostly remember speaking with bots for airline reservations or to check our bank balances. At the core of chatbot technology lies natural language processing(NLP), the same technology used in voice recognition systems by virtual assistants such as Google Now, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana. Today chatbots are used as automated customer service agents. These chatbots will soon become a part of our routine life in near future and will be promoted to home bots. Home bots will do more than just responding to our commands. They will provide us timely information such as: “It is time for your medicine” or “Switch off the lights now”. Just imagine a bot murmuring at your ear, “Do not buy this product, it is not of good quality”. A future with these intelligent bots will really be full of surprises.

• The Incredible Rise of Artificial Intelligence(AI): Self-Teaching and Self-Learning Robots
The difference between men and machines are becoming more and more indistinct. Computers are now able to learn in the same way as we humans do, and this leap in AI capabilities has been made possible by the massive increase in data and computing power. Because of the incredible explosion in data, AI has advanced so swiftly over the last couple of years; the more data an AI system has, the faster it can learn and the more accurate it becomes.

The enormous step of Artificial Intelligence has surpassed computer science. Due to the massive increase in data and computing, AI lets computers to recognize faces, analyse social media messages, listen, answer and track people’s emotions through affective computing. AI has advanced rapidly in the last few years. Marketers are already planning how they will be utilizing AI to create awesome campaigns and personalize marketing messages in real-time.

• The Unstoppable Robotic Process Automation redefines Auto Tuning
The smarter the machines are, the more use cases they carry for us. Hence more tasks and processes are possible to be automated by robots using robotic automation processes.
The growth of robotics is faster than we ever expected. Yesterday’s robots which were big, blind, scary and difficult to program are now being replaced with smarter and more capable ones. Today robots can recognize voice, languages, have got learning abilities, mobility, and handiness.

Sooner or later, a wide range of jobs will be carried out using robotic process automation. So, people will no longer have to do those jobs anymore. Instead, robots will perform those tasks faster, more accurate and at a cheaper cost. From housekeeping to doctors and engineers, all these jobs are likely to be overtaken by automation.

• New Privacy Approaches: IoT is now Blockchain IoT
The Internet of things (IoT) encompasses in adding smart sensors to connected devices. Amazon’s Alexa is a beautiful example of IoT. It works as a virtual assistant developed by Amazon, capable of voice collaboration, music playback, creating to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, giving weather, traffic, and other real-time news. But you should keep your Alexa locked because people may use it to order and buy things online without your knowledge.

With blockchain the popular cryptocurrency bitcoin, IoT becomes safer and even more convenient. Blockchain reduces the hazard of hacking by generating digital records. Blockchain with IoT has made getting data from sensors as browsing websites in mobiles. With Blockchain IoT, companies and their consumers are assured that their important data cannot be hacked. Companies have already started to use application programming interfaces.

To conclude, 2018 is a very hopeful year for technological innovations. We expect to witness some more new and thrilling technology developments. The enhancement of technologies will bring changes not only in businesses but also in our daily life.

This list of technology trends I have mentioned is still not a definitive one, so please share with us your knowledge about more technology innovations for this year in the comment section mentioned below.
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