How to Get a U.S. Work Visa for French Citizens?

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To work in the U.S., like any other country, even a French national need to apply for a US work Visa. Both France and USA are involved in many business treaties, hence people from France are competent for a visa application for the U.S. The consulate office in France issues the visas and the applicants for E2 Visa in USA need to prove that they are citizens of France. Hence, it is mandatory for them to apply visa in France itself.

Getting the U.S. visa is not too hard. But if the applicants are not concerned about the requirements properly, the visa may fail. There are people who have faced problems in refunding the money invested in this process. Such inconvenience can be avoided by getting in touch with a visa expert consultant, so that even if your visa application fails, the consultant can at least help you get your money refunded.

One of such visas that ensure work permit for French in USA is the E2 Visa.

E2-Visa Process

U.S. has made mutual deals with 78 countries allowing people from other countries who work in U.S. as an employee, are permitted for E-2 Treaty-Investor visa. Most of the employees of the company in which the individual is working must belong to the treaty country.
The French citizens should fill a form called D-160 to apply for the E2 visa. Without D-160, the Visa application is just incomplete. This D-160 form is easily available in the embassy’s website. Once this form is filled, the visa applicant must make the payment and submit the bill to the consulate office. The payment is followed by the visa interview. Without going through this process, no applicant can attend the visa interview.

How to Get an E-2 Visa?

There are many ways one can get a U.S. work Visa. One way is to get your U.S. Visa funded by a French company. It is well and good if you already know any of such companies. But these companies are infrequent. One such company is ALTEN Calsoft Labs, an ALTEN Group of Company, which help you get a U.S. work Visa and allow you to extend your stay in the U.S.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs and E-2 Visa:

For citizens of France like you, ALTEN Calsoft Labs(ACL) sponsors E2 visa which is a type of U.S. work visa, that enables French citizens to work in U.S. as a non-investor employee of ALTEN Calsoft Labs. ALTEN (A French Product engineering and technology consulting company) has made a significant investment on ALTEN Calsoft Labs Inc (a 100% owned U.S. enterprise). ACL has successfully helped companies in USA to retain their French employees and qualified French citizens to pursue their career in U.S.

How ALTEN Calsoft Labs Helps in the E2 Visa Process:

• For French nationals currently employed in the U.S:

French nationals currently employed in the U.S and whose visa (H1B, J1,L1,B1) is about to expire can take our employment; and we deploy them back to their original employer after sponsoring their E-2 Visa and signing a consulting agreement with the employer.

• French Citizens in Foreign Country, other than U.S.:

The process is same as above. We will sign an agreement with the prospective employer/customer and employ them (after sponsoring the E-2 visa); to deploy them as our consultant to work for the client.

E-2 paperwork processing:

• Information Collection and documentation:

Our Sales team synchronizes with the employer and collects details about the job and its responsibilities. The HR team proceeds further with the offer letter execution. The immigration team is responsible for the filling up of the DS-160 application. As soon as the support files are received, the immigration team makes the DS-156E ready.

• Document requirements for paperwork initiation:

  • A valid passport (valid for at least six months) for the principal applicant
  • Copy of Resume
  • Copies of Diplomas & Transcripts
  • Name of Institution for Highest Level of Study
  • Year of Highest Level of Study
  • Copies of experience verification letters from prior and current employer
  • Copies of 3 most recent pay stubs from current employer

Reach Out to Us

The immigration team takes 5 days to process the support letter and DS-156E. After the final review and approval of paperwork and DS-160 application by ACL’s Immigration team, applicant will need to pay the visa fees and schedule an appointment as detailed in the below section. ACL will mail/FedEx the original E-2 support letter and DS-156E to applicant mailing address.

At the visa interview, applicants should hand carry their valid passport, a DS-160 online application with the applicant’s photo (confirmation page with barcode) and a copy of the payment receipt. Since the Embassy already has on file all pertinent information pertaining to the petitioning company(ACL), the applicant only need to bring a DS-156E, as well as any information demonstrating their qualifications for the job, such as a curriculum vitae or resume, certifications and degrees.

Note: Under the Golden Arrow Program (which ALTEN Calsoft Labs is eligible for), E-2 visa applications no longer need to be submitted in advance by electronic mail, and applicants may schedule interview appointments directly through online system at

If your U.S. visa is expiring and if you are struggling to get one, please reach out to us at

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    I am interested in your service. That looks great! I’m a French citizen looking to work for a US employer. Mandate is time sensitive. I’ve reached out to you via email directly. Looking forward to getting more information! Thank you.


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